Kalyan S. Rathore
Kalyan S. Rathore

The Artist

Kalyan started his career designing Industrial products. His keen interest in evolutionary biology and geometry drew him to seek to express art-forms later in his career.

With an investigative approach to forms in nature, he likes to break down shapes into their building blocks and repetitive cells. This process, he states ‘is as though getting to understand the DNA of things’.
Inseparable from DNA is the idea of evolutionary design. Espousing the philosophies of Design, Art, Nature and evolution Kalyan has a way of seeing the order of geometry in everything. Exploring these underlying patterns of Natural elements is art to him.

One of his sculptures won the Guinness World Record (Largest photograph sculpture). He attributes this achievement to an ingenious design breakthrough inspired by nature.

The Artist 's Statement

My initial training is in the field of Industrial-design, where I learnt the various methods of production, design, structural-integrity of materials and first-hand shop-floor manufacturing.

However, prior to all this I had a keen interest in nature and Biology.. as a child I dreamt of becoming a doctor in medical science. As turn of events would have it, I was drawn toward creating sculptural forms around the year 2002. With seemingly unrelated experiences and interests.

Connecting the dots of all my past experiences I began exploring forms in nature through the eyes of an engineer. It fascinated me that mathematical algorithms existed in various aspects of nature as did principles of engineering..

I began to see a picture now!